Time for another 3 word challenge.  This time I decided to challenge myself by taking a darker tone to my scene.  Here is the results, feel free to guess the three words again.

Melissa sat straight up in bed.  She had been dreaming about him again.  His face still hung like a picture in front of her eyes.  The weeping began again immediately.  There was nothing she could do, she dreamt of him every night.  Soon, her sister would hear the thunderous sobs that were now overtaking her.

During the day, Melissa played it cool, no one would ever know about the broken heart bleeding away inside of her.  She wanted it that way.  She doubted anyone would understand the connection they had.  When she walked around the cages at work, she saw him again.  His lively black eyes stared back at her in every animal’s face.  Animals were much more like people than most understood.  Something you had to work in a zoo to know.

She approached the snow white exhibit, it was empty now.  The caution sign was still bolted to the fence, as if mocking her grief.  If only he hadn’t gotten too close, if only she had been watching.  She put herself through the “what if” game on a daily basis.  If only she had been able to convince them that he was acting as he should, then she wouldn’t have to watch as they put her beloved Dolock, the polar bear to sleep.  He was like a son to her, and they were treating him like a common animal.

Her heart sunk as she repressed the tears that were threatening to reveal themselves.  Not until tonight, she warned herself, I’ll feel it all tonight.

Again, keep in mind this was written on the fly, so grammar and such are not stellar, and I’m aware of it.  It’s just a great way to stretch your writing chops.  😀


This week, the fearless leader of the Eloquent Skylarks (working title) writing group brought us a new challenge.  Personally I found this more challenging than anything we’ve done in the group so far.

The challenge – to write the worst opening line ever.  She got the idea from a contest she entered last year of the same challenge.  I love this exercise because it gets you thinking in an entirely different way.  It was a lot of fun, and it’s great to wonder if your writing is bad enough.  Curious?  Here’s my contribution.

The market was filled with people, some haggling, some squeezing melons, but all hoping to get the best fruit for a bargain price like her apples which were green, not the green of a green apple, but the green of an apple picked too early, still needing time to reach maturity, and her tomatoes were red, not the red of a new fire hydrant, but one that has faded with time and weather and never been repainted.

It’s awful, isn’t it?  What a fun activity.  We really enjoyed reading past contest winners as well.

I’m happy to announce that my blog is now available on my Amazon Author Profile.

I also submitted Shades of Magic for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.  I will know on the 24th if I made it past the first round of eliminations.  Wish me luck!

Each week, our writing group does an exercise in which you draw three slips of paper with random words on it.  On the spot, you must write a short story, scene, narrative, or poem which contains those three words.  The fun part of the challenge is to think of creative ways to incorporate the three words so no one can tell which ones they were.  I will post many of my 3 Word Challenges for you, I welcome your comments but please remember this was written on the fly without editing.

Here is the results of my first three word challenge.

My mother flew into the house like a whirlwind and slammed her purse on the table.

“You are not going to believe this,” she deflated as she handed me a small piece of paper.

I glanced at the speeding ticket now resting in my hand and chuckled, “How fast were you going?”

“I was going 35, which is perfectly acceptable until you hit the 25mph speed limit sign one block down.  It’s completely ridiculous.”

“Are you sure you hadn’t passed the sign yet?” I wondered aloud, thinking of my mother’s tendency to fly right past it.

“Of course I’m sure.  I was looking at that hideous group of flamingos in Mrs. Jensen’s yard when he flipped his lights on.”  She went to the closet, rummaged for a second and when she came up for air she had a pair of binoculars in her hand.  “Look.”

She drug me over to the window.  Sure enough, Mrs. Jensen’s flamingos were a few feet in front of the 25mph sign.

“Okay mom, I see the speed limit sign, but I don’t know if hideous flamingos are admissable in court, even if you take your binoculars.”

Can you guess what the three words were?  I will post them in a comment sometime soon.

Welcome to blogging

After a few years of maintaining a personal blog, I decided it was time to devote an entire blog to my writing.  The recent publication of my book thrust my love of writing into the spotlight and I have been sharing more of it ever since.

Shades of Magic

I plan to update people on my current efforts and maybe even post some weekly exercises done with my local writing group tentatively called the Eloquent Skylarks.


K.D. Wilson