New Edition

Before the end of the year, Shades of Magic will be released on additional Ereader platforms including Sony Ereader and Nook. This release will be the introduction of the second edition, which will become available on Kindle at approximately the same time.


I am considering a second edition of Shades of Magic. This slight revision would contain the same story with some style and content tweaks. I am open to any suggestions on areas that could use work. Send any suggestions to author.kd.wilson@gmail.com.

One potential area of editing would include the romantic scenes between certain characters. What do you think about making these scenes more vague for sensitive audiences?

Writing Update

I want all my readers to know that I am hard at work on my next novel. I am working to ensure a polished book. Look for Liberty Springs to hit the shelves sometime in early 2012.

Welcome UK Readers!

I just found out that a few copies of Shades of Magic have been purchased by people using Amazon UK!  I am so excited to have reached across the pond!  Welcome UK readers, one day when there are enough of you, I will be ecstatic to come and pay you all a visit over there!!

Library Thing

To any of my readers who belong to Library Thing, they are currently holding a member giveaway of 50 electronic review copies of Shades of Magic.

This could be your chance to get Shades of Magic for free!!

If you are unfamiliar with Library Thing you should go check it out.  It is a free online service that allows readers to catalog their books easily using the ISBN.  They also connect you with people who read similar books as well as make recommendations based on similar reader’s suggestions.  There are many tools that readers will love there!

The kindle version of Shades of Magic is now available for $2.99!!

The same great book for an even better price!  If you’ve been thinking about picking up a kindle copy, now is the time to do it.

Hidden Pictures

I have been asked repeatedly if I took the amazing photo that appears on the cover of Shades of Magic.  I wish I could say yes, because that would mean I had been to that lovely place.  But, alas, the answer is no, that is a stock photo provided to me.

There are two little surprises on the cover, however, for those looking for them.  Have you noticed the black cat next to the tree?  To those who have read the book, it won’t be surprising to find out that feline’s name is clover.  The inspiration for clover comes from my very own majestic black cat, Isis.

Not to be outdone, Hestia’s familiar is not the only one who left his mark on the cover of the book.  Have you noticed the bird prints that appear in the lower left area of the leaves.  This one is tough to spot, but Midnight has made an impression, nonetheless.