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Liberty Springs is now available in the Nook and Apple store for the same low price of $.99!




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Here is the full synopsis of Liberty Springs.

Giovanna Clancy has everything going right for her.  She has her dream job as chief of staff for a powerful Senator in Washington DC.  Her longtime boyfriend, a prominent DC lawyer, was recently seen shopping for an engagement ring. She is on top of the world.  That is until scandal rocks the Senator’s office, and Gia takes the fall.

Suddenly her world begins to crumble.  Now jobless, black balled, and single, she has no choice but to leave Washington until the air clears.  Out of options, Gia accepts an offer from an old friend to move to the Midwest and help with a small third party campaign.  From the day she sets foot in Liberty Springs, Iowa, she can tell this is no ordinary town.  In fact, they are a whole community with a political agenda.

Now working for the Libertarian gubernatorial candidate, Gia begins to rethink her views on the role of government and what personal liberty really means.  As she struggles to fracture a two-party system, overcome her boss’ aversion to all things Washington, and adjust to life in such a unique town , Gia begins to see a different future for herself.

As the election draws near, and her candidate receives more attention, Gia finds herself in the spotlight once again.  Can she overcome her past or will history repeat itself?


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At long last, my second novel is available in ebook format.


Liberty Springs is a novel about a woman’s ability to challenge her own beliefs and look at things in an entirely new way.  It is a wonderful introduction to the fast growing libertarian viewpoint woven into a compelling storyline.

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